GANDICAP Co.Ltd has been transporting  horses across Russia, Europe and worldwide since 2005. 

Our company provides the customer with the best service and the best prices as well as the best route of travel for the horses.

We think of all arrangements needed before, during and after transport.

For transportation around  Russia and Europe we use specially designed and equipped  vehicles and trailers, ensuring that your horses arrive at the destination place in time and in perfect condition.

Transportation by air is effected by Boeing 747 of a Russian company Air Bridge Cargo.

Our experienced  drivers and grooms take care of the horses on the run and can be reached for a contact at any time. Cameras onboard  monitor the condition of the horses at all times, allowing the drivers to react quickly to any problem that may occur during the journey. Food and water is provided onboard and special dietary needs can be met. Using a network of stables across Europe and worldwide we can ensure that the horses have rest, which can make the journey easier for them.

Our competent staff is familiar with all paperwork requirements of international horse transport.  Having a good partnership with native-speaking agents world-wide we can manage fast and safe with all paperwork regulation .

We we can provide the customer with all needed documentation including but not limited to:

  • Export License
  • Export/Import Laboratory blood test
  •  Health Certificates
  • Insurance polices
  • Commrrcial Invoices & Customs Declaration
  • Certificate of Origin etc

Gandikap makes importing your horse from any country easy, We will give you full service and coordinate everything, so in the meanwhile you can relax and wait at home to welcome your new horse.


 Our company will keep you informed and updated on the progress of each step that will be taken by us. We promise personal attention and honest advice.