Our company regularly organizes transportation of  horses to Beijing, China by Russian company Air Bridge Cargo, which proved to be a good partner. We appreciate their expert ways in organization, paper work,  loading\unloading procedures and professional pilot work  which makes the flight quiet and safe for horses!

We airship horses from  Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.  We rent airboxes  from  Lufthansa air company.    These airboxes are specially designed for transportation of horses and are approved by IATA (International Aviation Transport Association).  Each airbox containes 3 horses with  space for a groom to come in and for water and feed if needed.  A special absorbing material is used as bedding on which we put some hay. Horses feel quite comfortable in the boxes. The boxes have 2 opposite doors which makes the procedure of leading the horse to\out of the box not so complecated as a horse doesn't have to step backwords.


Boeing 747 of the Air Bridge Cargo  company,  Russia


The horse boxes are brought up to the airplane and are lifted onboard by special loaders

During the flight  we open airboxes windows for horses to get more fresh air and to see  if they are all right inside

The way  a cargo airplane lookes  inside.




 The trip from Moscow to Beijing takes over 6 hours.

The receiving party makes everything possible to prepare all the documents in order the horses could go throgh the customs formalities as fast as possible.


 The horses are taken to a stable not far from the airport for the quarantine procedure.